Mike Patton 10 Promises


While anyone can make a promise, only dealerships in the Mike Patton Auto Family can offer the "Mike Patton Promises". We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty and complete transparency. As a result, we have revolutionized the car-buying process in the LaGrange Georgia and removed some of the most common barriers. We call it "Mike Patton's 10 Promises". See why hundreds of people every month choose Mike Patton Auto Family as A Better Place to Buy!

Promise #1: We Focus on Your Automotive Needs

Our sales consultants are not paid commission, allowing them to focus on your wants and needs, not something that is priced higher that doesn't fit! Most dealerships pay their salespeople based on commissions, which means the more they sell the vehicle for the more money they make... Not at Mike Patton Auto Family! We are focused on you.

Promise #2: You Are Family

Everyone pays the same great price at Mike Patton Auto Family. We are a family business and want to earn your business and keep it for generations to come. We have been in our local community for over 40 years, we are a company you can depend on!

Promise #3: We Guarantee the Right Deal

We give you ALL incentives and discounts up front and back up your purchase with a 72 hour 110% price protection guarantee!

Promise #4: There is Truth in Advertising

You only pay the advertised price plus applicable taxes. No hidden dealer fees.

Promise #5: We are Committed to Our Community

Our goal is to make our local community a better and brighter place. We have several community programs and special programs for teachers, police and youth groups.

Promise #6: We Make the Process Easy and We Value Your Time

Without the hassle of negotiating with a high pressure salesperson who is looking for a commission check, you get the best deal without taking all day! Our no-haggle, commission-free incentives and Right Price means you can find and buy a car in record-breaking time.

Promise #7: Free Offer to Purchase

We will make an offer to purchase your vehicle whether you buy one from us or not. Most dealerships make a trade-in offer contingent on you purchasing a specific vehicle. We are different! The price we offer is what we will give you on a trade-in or to purchase your vehicle. Another reason why Mike Patton Auto Family is #abetterplacetobuy.

Promise #8: We Allow Selection Flexibility

Why travel to four or more dealerships when you can make one trip to Mike Patton Auto Family. We carry the following seven brands: Honda, Ford, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram (all under one convenient roof). On top of that, we can get you any pre-owned and certified used brand you desire.

Promise #9: We Want You to Have the Best Terms & We Stand Behind Your Decision

With interest specials as low as 0% and over 20 lenders to choose from, we have financing to fit any situation.

We also have a 72 hour return policy / 7 day exchange policy! We stand behind your auto decision and want to make sure that you're happy.

Promise #10: We Have the Best People

Since we demand the best, we only hire the best. Once hired, we offer our employees unparalleled benefits, such as tuition reimbursement and top-of-the-line Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. You can see why everyone is enthused about being a part of the Mike Patton Auto Family!

"I have been selling cars for 42 years. I moved here from Nashville and I chose to sell cars here because of the way we do business and the people I work for!" - John Coldewey (GSM)