Benefits of Windshield Wiper Fluid

Windshield wiper fluid helps in cleaning of the windscreen to increase visibility on the road. It is therefore essential that you always keep your windshield wiper fluid reservoir full.

Windshield wiper fluid prevents corrosion of the internal parts of the pump and helps in the degradation of plastic components. Without wiper fluids, windshield wipers will fail to wipe a dirty windscreen. We at Mike Patton Ford urge you not to use water as an alternative despite it being cheaper than wiper fluid. Water does not have cleaning solvents and detergents that can break up dead bugs and grime, unlike wiper fluid. Wiper fluid also freezes at extremely low temperatures. Thus, it can be used even in cold weather.

You are welcome to visit us Mike Patton Ford today in La Grange and learn more about the importance of windshield wiper fluid. At our dealership, you will also get original wiper fluid at a fair price.

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