Ford SYNC 3 Technology Is Groundbreaking

Vehicles evolve year in and year out. Newer and newer technologies are certainly the catalyst for this ever increasing evolution. One of those new technologies is certainly groundbreaking. That new technology is Ford SYNC 3.

My Ford Touch brought the infotainment industry new light over the recent years. The thing is Ford SYNC 3 has took the ball and off and running it has gone. The major difference that you will see with Ford Sync 3 over the My Ford Touch is a faster processor which means faster computing time. The touch screen interface with the Ford SYNC 3 is more mainstreamed and general which allows for an easier operating interface.

The GPS system with the Ford SYNC 3 is also faster and more precise than its predecessor. Ford went back to the basics with the Ford SYNC 3 and its ease of use and simplicity is actually its strong point.

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