Oil Viscosity is Easy to Understand With a Little Guidance

As a driver, you know that your car requires motor oil. Without it, your car's engine would quickly become inoperative. Motor oils protect cars' engines, and the best protection comes from oil with proper viscosity. However, ratings like 10W-30 and 0W-20 can confuse people. La Grange, GA drivers can easily understand viscosity ratings with the help of Mike Patton Ford Lincoln.

Viscosity identifies any liquid's resistance to flow. If you have seen motor oil poured from a container, you know that it moves slower than water. That difference is explained by the fact that oil's viscosity is higher than water's. The numbers that rate oil viscosity are presented as a range. To the left of the W, you will find an oil's viscosity rating within a cold engine. The value after the dash shows that oil's rating when an engine is hot.

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