How do Your Belts and Hoses Affect Your Transmission?

Hoses and belts are important accessories to your transmission. In particular, coolant hoses play a significant role in ensuring your engine is well-taken care of so as not to overheat. As such, the coolant hoses are responsible for transferring antifreeze throughout the system, including the radiator, engine and heater core. So, what happens in case your coolant hose starts leaking?

When your coolant hose leaks, it means that your car will start to overheat and that could lead to short-circuiting a couple of things as well. To avoid these problems, be on the lookout for signs that tell your coolant hose is leaking, including soft or brittle spots, splitting and cracking.

Since your coolant hose is an important accessory to the engine, it is of the essence that you consider a highly-trained professional when replacing it. Our Ford parts and service team is also highly experienced in this type of work.

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