Ford F-150 Raptor: Stylish and Capable

When the Ford F-150 Raptor is driven on busy streets, everyone will notice the vehicle's exterior design. The main component that stands out is mounted on the grille. In this location, there is a stylish Ford logo that highlights the metal frame and other designer elements that run along the edge of the hood.


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Underneath the hood, many advanced mechanical tools help the vehicle performance efficiently on the road. If you drive this truck on roads that have rough terrain, you won't experience any shock because the internal bypass hardware will absorb the energy. Ford included this feature to enhance the damping so that drivers can travel confidently on streets that have pot holes and other hazards. The internal bypass technology operates effectively with the EcoBoost system, which means that engine speeds won't reduce after the truck rolls over an obstacle on the road.

Mike Patton Ford Lincoln provides Ford F-150 test drives so that locals can examine the features while commuting throughout various neighborhoods. We proudly serve locals in many communities throughout the La Grange, GA region.

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